The best Exton fun center for kids

Some days it may feel like your kids have a ton of energy that will simply never end! If you are looking for
an Exton fun center for kids, one that doesn’t leave you cleaning up the mess or putting the house back
together once again, then we would love to have you join the fun at Downingtown Playdium! We are an
ultra-modern and locally-owned family entertainment center in Downingtown, PA that works hard to be
an Exton fun center for kids, provide the ultimate birthday destination, and bring family fun to everyone!
We’d love for you to come visit us at 3949 Lincoln Hwy W. Downingtown, PA 19335!
We know that when you’re searching for a great Exton fun center for kids, you’re also searching for a
space with enough room to let your kids move about and run around in a safe, fun, and entertaining
environment. After all, if your kids have lots of energy and excitement, and maybe even like to climb on
furniture or create games throughout your living room, then you need an Exton fun center for kids that
provides plenty of room to (safely) roam! At Downingtown Playdium, we aim to meet this need with not
one, but two soft play areas (also sometimes referred to as indoor playgrounds), an arcade with over 100
games, and a laser maze that will allow your kids to explore, play, and develop new motor skills in a safe
What is a soft play area?
Our facility is home to two separate soft play areas. Our main kids play area is designed for kids up to the
age of 12. This indoor, multi-level adventure play area provides kids the opportunity to explore in a soft
environment while playing with developmentally-appropriate toys that encourage gross motor
development. Kids can play on our climbing wall, crawl through tunnels, slide down slides, jump on the
trampoline, and explore many other obstacles in the Playdium!
Our other play area, the toddler play area, is designed for toddlers up to the age of 3. In this separate play
area, your toddlers can play and develop their own motor skills without you worrying about anything – or
anyone – getting in their way. Socks are required for both of the soft play areas and can be purchased at
the front counter upon arrival.
You also mentioned an arcade and a laser maze?
Yes, that’s right! We have two soft play areas, an arcade, and a laser maze all within our facility at
Downingtown Playdium! Our laser maze is a skill game that requires both speed and accuracy. It will test
your kids as they are challenged to run from one end of the maze, retrieve a top secret military device,
and run back to the starting point of the maze without being detected by the lasers!
On the other hand, if your kids would rather test their luck with arcade or video games, then we think
they will love our arcade. We’ve got the most popular titles and games on the market, including a full
line-up of racing games, and over 100 fun prizes! Your kids can win things such as plush toys, glow items,
inflatables, and much, much more!
Do you of er birthday parties, too?
Absolutely! We at Downingtown Playdium work hard to take the overwhelm out of birthday party
planning. With our staff helping to plan your party, we hope you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the day,
too! Our great birthday party packages include a private party room for two hours, pizza for the party to
eat, drinks to enjoy, a birthday shout-out for the birthday boy or girl, access to the Soft Play Area and
Toddler Play Area and even tokens for the arcade.
Can I host a fundraiser at Downingtown Playdium?
If you’re looking to host a group event or a fundraiser, we can accommodate your needs! Please call our
party specialist at (610) 624-1294 or complete the form on our website to get the party started!
Downingtown Playdium is a great place for group fun, because the weather is always nice, we take care of
the mess, party rooms are available, and we have professional staff and in-house catering options to meet
your needs!
What’s next?
Whether your kid wants to come for open play any day of the week or wants to celebrate a special
occasion, Downingtown Playdium offers a mix of attractions and services that will make your experience

very enjoyable and memorable. Please feel free to call us today at 610-624-1294 for more information. If
you would rather stop by to say hello, we are open from 10 am to 8 pm on Sunday through Thursday and
from 10 am to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. You can visit us at 3949 Lincoln Hwy W. Downingtown, PA
19335. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to meet your needs as an Exton fun center for