What Are the Best Pennsylvania Kids Birthday Party Locations?

What Are the Best Pennsylvania Kids Birthday Party Locations?

Looking for the best Pennsylvania kids birthday party locations?

We know it can be a daunting task to find the perfect blend of fun and safety. That’s exactly why we’ve made it our mission to be the ultimate Pennsylvania kids birthday party location and birthday destination for kids of any age! We want to take the stress out of your birthday party planning with our ultra-modern and locally-owned family entertainment center in Downingtown, PA.

How many different party packages do you offer?

You can see our packages here, but we offer three different packages for birthday parties. Each package requires a minimum of 8 party guests.

What’s included in a party package?

All three of our party packages come with a reserved private party room, pizza for your party to eat, drinks to enjoy, a birthday shout-out for the birthday boy or girl, access to the Soft Play Area and tokens for the arcade. Some of our party packages also offer chips, access to the laser maze area, goodie bags, and extra tokens for the arcade. All in all, Downingtown Playdium is the premier Pennsylvania kids birthday party location!

What is the soft play area?

When looking for Pennsylvania kids birthday party locations, you’re likely wondering how kid and play friendly the location is. Afterall, it’s likely that your child likes to climb on furniture, run around the house, and make maze-like jungle gyms in your living room. You’ll want a birthday party location that has plenty of room for the kids to roam. At Downingtown Playdium, our soft play area is an indoor playground that your kids will love. It’s a soft, multi-level play area designed to let your kids explore and move about. In addition to the safe environment our play area provides, we encourage the use of developmentally-appropriate toys that help improve gross motor development and coordination! Your kids can climb up our climbing wall, maneuver through tunnels, slide down slides, jump on trampolines, and enjoy many other obstacles!

Is there an area specifically designed for toddlers?

At Downingtown Playdium, we made sure to include separate play areas for both kids and toddlers alike. That way your toddlers can play and develop their own motor skills without you worrying about anything – or anyone – getting in their way.

What is there to do at the arcade?

There are plenty of games to play at the arcade, plus the kids can win prizes they love, too! The kids at the birthday party can use their tokens to play one of our many arcade games, ranging from Whack-A-Mole to Dance Dance Revolution and many more. In fact, we’ve got the most popular titles and games on the market, including a full line-up of racing games, to keep your kids entertained. In addition, we have over 100 fun prizes that kids can win with their arcade tickets, including plush toys, glow items, inflatables, and much more.

Am I in charge of setting and cleaning up the party?

Of course not! We want you to sit back, relax, and get to enjoy the party, too! Or, at the very least, we want you to enjoy the free wifi at our facility, so that you can watch a variety of fun YouTube videos, answer emails, catch up on news, or browse your social media channels while the kids play! Because of that, we’ll give your birthday party your very own dedicated party hostess. Your party hostess will help ensure everything runs smoothly…from setting up the party to tearing down it down and cleaning up afterwards. Even better, your dedicated party hostess can help with any special requests you might have, like extra pizza, balloons, or specific party favors.

Will we get enough to eat and drink?

You can see our packages here, but your party hostess can also help ensure that everyone has enough to eat or drink. We can add party extras to your package for more pizza, chips or pretzels, soda and juices, veggie trays, fruit platters, hoagie trays, and more. Just talk to your party hostess when you book about what your group will need.

I have a big group. Do you have room for all of us?

If you have a big group or big family, then don’t worry. We also have a group party package for up to 60 guests. This package allows you to book the entire facility for your party, so that you and your guests will have unlimited access to the play areas and laser maze. For a large group, family, or party in Chester County, Downingtown Playdium can’t be beat!

Call us now for more information and availability. We can’t wait to host your next birthday party! Make it the best yet!