Birthday Party Games

Birthday party games are what makes any birthday party fun, and do we have the games for you! We have all kinds of attractions to keep your kids laughing, smiling, and having so much fun!

Come play our birthday party games!

Laser Maze Birthday Party Game

We have a laser maze challenge. It’s a skill game that will challende your mind and body to get throught he laser beams, retriece the device, and get back out without being detected! Squirm your way through lasers like mission impossible and challenge your friends to do the same!


Arcade Birthday Party Games

Our state of the art video arcade has all kinds of games to play during your birthday party. If you like cool free stuff you can actually use, you can play the arcade to win redemption prizes. We have the most exciting games on the market, so our arcade is fun for all ages!


Soft Play Birthday Party Games

Will your kids have a ton of energy they’ll want to let loose in a safe environment? We have a soft play area where the kids can even make up their own games. Our indoor, multi-level adventure play area lets kids explore a maze in a soft environment, with developmentally-appropriate toys that encourage motor skill development. Let the energy loose in a soft play area!


Toddler Play Area Birthday Party Games

Similar to our soft play environment, but built for toddlers, we have a toddler play area that you can entertain toddlers in while the rest of the kids are enjoying their birthday party games. This area is for kids up to the age of 3, and allows toddlers to interact with each other and the environment without being run over by older kids. We also have free wi-fi, so you can relax and check your email and facebook, or even watch silly videos on youtube!


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