Help! I need to find indoor attractions near me!

After the third rainy day in a row, we’ve all opened the computer, hopped on Google, and searched
frantically for “indoor attractions near me”. After all, kids sometimes have what feels like never-ending
energy and excitement. So, when we need a break from cleaning up after play time in our own home,
we’ve got to find a safe, fun place to let them burn off some steam. At Downingtown Playdium, we
understand this need and developed our facility with you (and fun!) in mind. While your kids play on our
climbing wall, crawl through tunnels, slide down slides, jump on the trampoline, and explore many other
attractions inside Downingtown Playdium, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!
There really are fun indoor attractions near me? Like what?
We know that when searching for indoor attractions nearby, you want a space with plenty of room to
(safely) roam. Understanding this need, we have designed not only one, but two soft play areas (also
referred to as indoor play centers or an indoor playhouse) that will allow your kids to explore, play, and
develop new motor skills in a safe, fun, and challenging environment!
Our main kids play area is designed for kids up to the age of 12. This multi-level, indoor playhouse

provides kids the opportunity to explore in a soft environment while playing with developmentally-
appropriate toys that encourage gross motor development.

Our other indoor play center, the toddler play area, is designed for toddlers up to the age of 3. In this
separate play area, your toddlers can play and develop their motor skills without you worrying about
anything, or anyone, getting in their way. Our toddler play area will ensure your toddlers can explore the
fun of foam and rubber in a safe environment, all while getting the exercise and adventure they need!
Socks are required for both of the soft play areas and can be purchased at the front counter upon arrival.
What other indoor attractions are near me?
You don’t need to go far when searching for other indoor attractions near you. In fact, inside
Downingtown Playdium we have two soft play areas, a laser maze, an arcade, and birthday party events!
This means that even if one of your kids would rather enjoy our soft play area while another wants to test
his or her luck with a full line-up of racing games, you only have to go to one place.
Our laser maze is a game that requires both speed and accuracy. It will test your kid’s skills and agility as
they are challenged to run from one end of the maze, retrieve a top secret military device, and run back to
the starting point of the maze without being detected by the lasers!
Not far from the laser maze is our arcade, stocked full of the most popular titles and games on the
market. With a full line-up of racing games, as well as other games ranging from Dance Dance Revolution
to Whack-A-Mole, we’ve got tons of things to keep your kids entertained. We also have over 100 fun
Can I host a birthday party or group event at Downingtown Playdium?
Our great birthday party packages include a private party room for two hours, pizza for the party to eat,
drinks to enjoy, a birthday shout-out for the birthday boy or girl, access to the Soft Play Area and Toddler
Play Area and even tokens for the arcade. Call us at 610-624-1294 for more information and availability.
You can also find more birthday party information on our website at There, you will see that we also offer memorable
group events such as Youth Groups, Lock-Ins, School Trips, Pre-School Trips, Day Care Camp,
Fundraisers, Sports Team Banquets and Meetings, and more! Downingtown Playdium is a great place for
group fun, because the weather is always nice, we take care of the mess, and we have professional staff
and in-house catering options to meet your needs!
These sound like some of the most fun indoor attractions near me! What do I do next?
Please call us today at 610-624-1294 for more information about any of our attractions! If you would
rather stop by to say hello, we are open from 10 am to 8 pm on Sunday through Thursday and from 10
am to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. You can visit us at 3949 Lincoln Hwy W. Downingtown, PA 19335.
We can’t wait to see you soon!