The best Exton activities for toddlers

The best Exton activities for toddlers

When looking for the best Exton activities for toddlers, you may be looking for a space in which your toddlers can explore and develop new skills without the worry of anything – or anyone – getting in their way. If so, then we would love to have you join the fun at Downingtown Playdium!

At Downingtown Playdium, we have a special soft play area that is designed specifically for your toddler’s fun, growth, and safety. This play area, which is separate from our main kid’s play area, allows your toddlers to roam about and develop new motor skills without the need to navigate older kids who want to do the same.Our toddler soft play area is specifically for toddlers up to the age of 3 We are doing our best to offer Exton activities for toddlers that ensure your toddlers can explore the fun of foam and rubber in a safe environment, all while getting the exercise and adventure they need!

In addition to offering this separate toddler play area, we at Downingtown Playdium also work hard to take the overwhelm out of your birthday party planning! With our team in place you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your toddler’s birthday, too. Our great birthday party packages include a private party room for two hours, pizza for the party to eat, drinks to enjoy, a birthday shout-out for the birthday boy or girl, access to the Soft Play Area and Toddler Play Area and even tokens for the arcade. Feel free to call us anytime at610-624-1294 for more information and availability on birthday parties or group events!

In case you are new to Downingtown Playdium, we are an ultra-modern and locally-owned family entertainment center in Downingtown, PA. We’ve heard that we provide the ultimate birthday destination for kids of any age and aim to provide family fun for everyone! We work hard to host some of the best Exton activities for toddlers and even make sure to offer free wifi at our facility. We want you to feel free to browse social media, answer emails, or watch funny videos on YouTube while your kids play!

When looking for Exton activities for toddlers, we know that one of the first questions you may want answered is whether or not the activity has room for your toddler to play and explore safely. Afterall, if your toddler likes to climb on objects or move about, then you will want a location that has plenty of room to roam. At Downingtown Playdium, our special soft play area is an indoor playground that we think your toddlers will really enjoy. In addition to the safe environment our play area provides, we encourage the use of developmentally-appropriate toys that can help improve gross motor development and coordination! Again, we have separate play areas for both kids up to the age of 12 and toddlers up to the age of 3, so that your toddlers can play and develop their own motor skills without you worrying about older children getting in their way. Socks are required for both of the soft play areas and can be purchased at the front counter upon arrival

In addition to these great play areas, our facility also offers other fun activities and games! Inside Downingtown Playdium, we have

  • a laser maz
  • an arcad
  • an indoor playgroun
  • birthday party event
  • …and so much more!

Our laser maze is a skill game that requires both speed and accuracy. It will test your children’s minds and bodies as they are challenged to run from one end of the maze, retrieve a top secret military device that has been captured by the enemy, and run back to the starting point of the maze without being detected by the lasers! We know that if you try it once then you’ll be back for more!

If your children would rather test their luck with arcade or video games, and even win prizes they’ll love, then you will be excited to hear about our arcade. We’ve got the most popular titles and games on the market, including a full line-up of racing games, to keep your kids entertained. We also have over 100 fun prizes that they can win with their arcade tickets, including plush toys, glow items, inflatables, and much more.

Please call us today at610-624-129 for more information about any of our attractions and Exton activities for toddlers. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!